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By the grace of God filling my heart with his love, and giving me the gift of the Holy Spirit, He has put me on an incredible journey. He has called me to share my experiences and to demonstrate to others how amazing the power of the Holy Spirit can transform one’s life, filling it with real meaning and purpose. As a non-believer, with a hardened heart for over 53 years, let me share with you how I now live in faith, through Jesus Christ, in everything that I do.  Reading this book will inspire and encourage you to experience a peace, joy and a calm unlike anything you have ever known.

This book will help you discover who God really is and how he wants a personal loving relationship with you. Allow me to share the hope that is in me, to enlighten, and to fill your heart with love, truth and peace.

My Story

I am a common ordinary man and have struggled all my life as a non-believer in God. When my beloved wife died, who was a very strong believer, I made a commitment to myself to start reading some of her devotional books to help heal my loss. Through this process of reading the word of God, His grace filled my heart and I am now on an amazing journey to share my experiences in hopes of helping others with their struggles in life. Not only has my heart been healed, but the Lord has given me a peace, calm, contentment, and joy unlike anything I have ever known.

I have been called by the Lord to write this book, and give others hope and a promise of a better future. The Lord has inspired, empowered, and given me the strength to fulfill His purpose.

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